VoIP has changed the face of traditional communications forever.  Now another addition into the unified communications systems world has arrived, open source Asterisk based IP-PBX systems. Asterisk based IP-PBX has been around for several years, but now like VoIP is becoming mainstream, a go-to choice for a business IP-PBX is Asterisk, the open source wonder. Today’s advanced open source Asterisk based IP-PBX software has been the result of a quiet ongoing ten year revolution.  It has been installed and operating on millions of servers all around the world and has proved to be stable, customizable, and rich with feature sets and a more reasonable priced alternative to the traditional proprietary PBX phone systems.  Backed by the open source community, who are continually advancing applications and writing Asterisk IP-PBX software and adjusting code to keep it up to date. Asterisk is a completely free and no license fee alternative to the proprietary software that runs on traditional PBXs.  Like another open source software, Apache, which runs most of today’s web servers, Asterisk has now become the first choice IP-PBX software and with that choice developed into a viable option for a business phone systems.

Openware IP-PBX Systems are an affordable IP-PBX business phone systems specifically engineered to meet the needs of small to midsize companies.  Loaded with features and built using best of breed components, we have designed our IP-PBX Systems which offers scalability from 10 employees to 1000 and even larger solutions.  We deliver a feature rich VoIP system, completely preconfigured with user friendly intuitive administration software and line cards that will allow you to make the highest quality phone calls possible, whether they are VoIP, digital or analog.  Let us build your next Openware IP-PBX Communications Solution for you, while you build your business.


Openware IP-PBX Key Benefits:

  • Affordability – Lower price and lower operating costs, 40% cheaper then all propriety solutions like Cisco/Avaya/Mitel/Nortel Etc.
  • Reliability – World class dependability.
  • Quality – Crystal clear audio all the time.
  • Full Feature set – with no license fees.
  • Easy intuitive web control panel – make your own changes.
  • In house IP-PBX – not dependent upon Internet connections for signaling, hence no latency factor.
  • Add extensions, add remote workers, add softphones, add branch offices.


Openware IP-PBX Open Source Components:

  • Secure Linux Platform with 2.6 Kernel
  • IPTables Packet Filtering Framework for Linux Kernel
  • Asterisk PBX Framework
  • Apache Web Server
  • Iproute2 TCP/IP Networking & Traffic Control
  • OpenVPN SSL VPN Server
  • OpenSSL library for encryption
  • LZO 1real-time compression library
  • Postfix Message Transferring Agent (MTA)
  • Fetchmail Mail Replicator


Openware IP-PBX Key Features:

  • Unlimited Extensions with no license fees
  • Remote Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • IVR Menu System
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Advanced Call Forwarding Features
  • Call Recording
  • Call Queues
  • Ring (Blast) Groups
  • Find Me and Follow Me
  • Paging and Intercom
  • Music on Hold
  • Conference Rooms & Bridging
  • Programmable Time-Based Routing
  • Integration with PSTN lines, VoIP, as well as other IP based systems
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
  • Names Directory
  • Real Time Call Logs, Reporting
  • Web Based Administration
  • Simple Phones Provisioning and Management